Team Fortress 2 Bhoping

Team fortress 2 is one source game that not alot of people know how powerful bhopping is. For example it's easy to do since there aren't things that slow you down by a lot. A spy that bunny hops correctly can go as fast as a scout. Although some spy mains that seen the potential of bunny hopping in tf2 like creeproot, has utilized the power of bhopping. as shown here. You can also use bunny hopping with the market gardener to trick the game into thinking your still in the air from rocket jumping which in return gives infinite crits.
Here is a list on each class and how fast they go
  • The scout can go around 450
  • Soldier around 280-300
  • Pyro 340
  • Demoman 335
  • Heavy 270
  • Engineer 370
  • Sniper 360
  • Medic 380
  • Spy 380 (the medic and the spy go the same speed btw)
    (fun fact in Quake World Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic, Bunny Hopping was a main mechanic used in competive matches and casual matches. It was so mainstream Fortress Forever and Fortress One use automatic bunny hopping)