Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Bhoping

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of those games where bhoping isnt all that useful. The most you can go is 300 volecity while the normal one is 260 (walking speed). The funny thing is although bunny hopping was nerfed by an awful amount, to where there are videos poking fun at how slow bunny hops are in cs:go. The thing thats funny is that there are custom commands for bunny hopping which arent in any other source games. The 2 commands are sv_autobunnyhopping 1 (auto bhop) and sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 (easier bhop) (Which you need to use sv_cheats 1 to use). There are also people that show of there bunny hops like Zuhn and Smileybs. Alot of people say Zuhn use hacks because of a bhop script that got him vac banned. A video of zuhn bunny hopping