How to bunny hop.

Bunny-hopping is an exploit to trick the game to make it believe that you are still within the air; then you combine it with a technique known as air strafing as the main way to gain speed. So if you want to learn bunny-hopping, the first step is to learn air strafing. So what is air strafing? Air strafing is the technique of combining the strafe keys and mouse movements to change your direction in mid-air while gaining speed. So, for example, if you were air strafing left, you would hold down a, and vice versa. Now that we know what air-strafing is, lets learn how to trick the game into thinking your still in the air when jumping. Its simple to be honest, the thing you gotta do is make a scrollwheel bind. You can do this in two ways.

1. Create a bind through the game settings. To achieve this you must go to the game settings, then to the keyboard section. Find jump and double click it, then scroll down/up. Then when you scroll in the direction that you set the bind for you will jump
2. Create a bind through console. To enable the console you must go to the game settings, then to keyboard then to advance. You should see an option to turn on dev console. When you enable it then press your ~ key. A box should show up when it shows up type "bind MWHEELDOWN "+jump"" if you want your upper scroll wheel to make you jump, type "bind MWHEELUP "+jump"" into console.
But why do I need to use the scrollwheel?

So if your wondering "why do i need a new bind to jump wtf. I'll just use my space bar xd" the reason is so you can buffer the scroll wheel while mid air to make it easier to trick the game. It is possible to do this with a space bar, but if you actually want to bhop efficiently, don't waste your time. At least for me :p.

Alright I got everything set up and I understand how bhopping works. What now?

So now that we've got everything set up, we gotta learn about strafing. As said before strafing is when you move your mouse in the direction that your strafe key is. For example: if you move your mouse left, press a. So when you strafe there are many patterns to strafe. Which are demonstrated in the videos below. (The videos linked below are from aimer ^^ thx dood)

Beginner hops


Advance hops

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