Counter Strike: Source Bhoping

Counter-Strike: Source is very notorious for its bunny hopping because of how overpowered it is in the right hands. For example, people like Phoon making videos showing off their skills. One of his videos showcasing his bhops, which became famous even outside the cs:s community. Sadly, his account got deleted for unknown reasons. A reupload of phoon to much for zblock. Anyways back to cs:s. The movement for cs:s is weird. For example, you slow down a lot. So it's important that you don't mess things up. For example: Reloading makes you slower, falling after a normal jump which rounds your velocity down to 140-170 instead of the normal walking speed of 250. Getting hit also makes you slower. Anyways, with that being said, you have to compensate with good air strafes and hitting your hops. Also fun fact people believe that Counter Strike: Source is the best game in the Counter Strike series for custom game modes mostly Surf and Bhop.